Introduction to Starico
Introduction to Starico

Introduction to Starico

What’s Starico? We know the keywords: Watch, Listen, Play and Think, referring to the world of Music, Movies and Video Games, also referred more generally to critical thinking and reflection on same topics.

We also know guidelines. But in practice, how these concepts and ideas will be developed?

A first step: History

You cannot really get a clear idea of Today, if you don’t first explore what has been the Yesterday.

I thought a lot about how to set up a journey towards modernity of art and I couldn’t find a better way than making some little steps back in time to the origin of modern music, films and video games.

It will not be an incessant or endless trip. We’ll start to plow the land, making of Starico an interesting, stimulating place; but also and above all, full of fun, anecdotes, images, videos, quotes and stories of most (and less) famous people.

Will be an exciting journey through the history; it’ll be used to get a general idea of how we can look at, listen to and think about what we are now calling modern art. To do that, of course, we must first define what is meant by the words “modern art”.

The second step will be to use these concepts for discover or re-discover as appropriate, some famous and influential discs, movies and games that we’ll find on our way.

We’ll find out that there’s a conventional story, which is primarily a commercial story, of the best selling album, games and movies, or even of most famous and best known by the public.

We’ll discover that there’s a history of celebrities from Elvis to Michael Jackson, from Charlie Chaplin to Matthew McConaughey, from Super Mario to Solid Snake.

Also we’ll uncover a vault: an underground world less known, but in some way, even more interesting to learn and explore.

Towards the late Modernity

Since each story leaves the time that finds if isn’t applied to the contemporary world, finishing our short but intense historical route (which will last several months, Ed) we’ll arrive in the present world and from that moment will have begun an even more beautiful and inspiring adventure.

Gradually will be introduced some interesting innovations that will expand current services of this website and will allow readers to have a more directly interaction with Starico, cataloging and making the best use of most of all information and published content.

I hope being able to interest you, but especially to transmit at least a small part of the immeasurable passion that has inspired and encouraged me to set up this ambitious project.

Thank you very much.
Andrea Brandi, Founder of Starico