Watch, Listen, Play… Think!

What is Starico? Starico is a free website about art and entertainment. The name is a recursive acronym that means: starico induces critical overview. Our keywords are: watch, listen, play… think! referring to the world of music, movies and video games, the main topics treated on this portal.

Starico is quick and easy

Starico is a free website, fast and easy to read. Has been optimized to be displayed on all modern operating systems and devices: PC, console, tablet and smartphone.

Modern and interactive

Starico is modern and interactive. The ideal place to find new music, new movies and new games. It’s enriched by detailed fact sheets, photo galleries, videos and trailers.

Complete and schematic

Starico is complete and schematic. A concise and consistent guide on modern art, accompanied by articles and reviews on music, movies and video games, with the main purpose to inform and stimulate reflection.

Enjoy our rating system

Starico uses a solid evaluation system: the Stariscore, which is the combination of different classes of judgment called Starimeters. [Read More]

Join the social web

Starico is social. On the site you’ll find articles, reviews and insights. On our social pages: news, updates and trivias. Moreover there will be promotions and giveaways for all our followers.