George Albert Smith

George Albert Smith

George Albert Smith work was particularly important for the history of cinema. He with his colleagues Robert William Paul and James Williamson, was one of the leader members of the Brighton School and a founding father of British cinema.

Given his artistic background in show business and photography, just like his French counterpart Georges Méliès, it was one of the first filmmakers to explore fantasy and fantastic themes in movies, often resorting to the use of very sophisticated special effects.

He was the inventor of the Point of view shot (As Seen Through a Telescope, 1900) and one of the greatest masters using the double exposure (Santa Claus, 1989).


  • Smith patented a system for color motion picture process, the Kinemacolor , but it was never a success due to the expense of installing special Kinemacolor projectors in cinemas.
  • George Albert Smith and the director James Williamson, were neighbors.